Many Evaluations

but Few Wins?

To win more evaluations your presales team requires the right mindset & processes. Leverage the POC Essentials framework to enable your presales team to improve their evaluation wins!

Develop the clarity your team needs to win more evaluations!

The POC Essentials framework addresses these common questions and issues with Proof of Concepts & Evaluations.
  • Is Your Qualification Clear?

    Do evaluations get started before properly qualified? Is your team buried in too many evaluations with no plan or blueprint? Are you short resources and losing critical deals?

    Learn how to best qualify evaluations to ensure you leverage your team resources and optimize your sales pipeline!
  • Is Your Status Clear?

    Do you utilize documented agreements to capture the success of your evaluation? Are you sidetracked by a customer asking to see every feature and function? Are customers setting the pace of your evaluation timeframe? Do you lack insight into the actual status of an evaluation?

    Understand how to document evaluations to ensure you align your customer expectations and set the tone for a successful engagement.
  • Is Your Destination Clear?

    Is your team often lost on how to complete a timely evaluation? Are you lacking the right resources to ensure the success of an evaluation? Do you lack alignment on how to manage an evaluation? Do you know when an evaluation will be completed based on the success metrics?

    Adopt a project management approach to completing successful and impactful evaluations!
  • Is Your Path-to-Win Clear?

    Are there endless reasons a customer requests to extend the evaluation? Is the close of an evaluation just a speeds & feeds presentation? Are you telling an exciting sales-focused story to your customer?

    Ensure an evaluation gets closed so you can deliver a compelling story and win the deal!

How We Help You

Our approach enables your team to win more evaluations with less effort and risk


We improve your evaluation practices by collaborating with your team to identify areas of improvement.


Leverage our experience in implementing successful evaluation processes to help your team develop and deploy an impactful evaluation blueprint/playbook.


We offer both cohort and private training. Our focus is to convey the best practices for managing evaluations.


Allow us to assess your current processes, people and technology to identify areas of optimization.
POC Essentials is your premier location for coaching, consulting and cohort-based courses. Our framework allows you to ensure a safer evaluation experience for the customer, resulting in more wins with less effort and risk.
Managing an evaluation is a bit like undertaking a challenging hike. You must prepare and carry the necessary equipment and map your route to ensure an enjoyable and safe arrival. Our POC Essentials framework ensures you have the right equipment while helping to map out your evaluation route via our tenure and focus on leading practices.

The POC Essentials framework allows your team to navigate the twists and turns of evaluations with ease to win more evaluations.

Guiding Your Team Towards World-Class Evaluation Practices

Evaluations don't need to be chaotic or difficult!

The POC Essentials is a proven framework to improve your evaluations by implementing practices which reduce effort, and time to completion while optimizing resource consumption.
  • Qualify

    Remove the stress and risk of agreeing to evaluations without proper qualification
  • Consistency

    Promote leading practices across your sales and presales team to drive improved consistency & confidence
  • Predictable

    Manage and improve your evaluation timelines to align with your sales objectives
  • Storybased

    Leverage the power of story to showcase and sell the value & impact of your evaluation engagement
  • Success Metrics

    Identify and leverage your success criteria to meet/exceed your customer's expectations
  • Professional Grade

    Deliver a professional experience to your customer that sets you apart from your competitors
Endorsed by Peter E. Cohan & John Care

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Then get a copy of the leading book on evaluations and Proof of Concepts written by Tony Matos, President of TGM Consulting Group.

The Essential Guide to Navigate Your Proof of Concept provides you with the right mindset & practices to navigate world-class evaluations.

This book was written for presales professionals by Tony Matos, a 25+ year presales professional. The book includes frameworks and templates along with experiences from the field. You can leverage the content of this book right away to improve how you qualify, document, execute and close an evaluation.

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Four Reasons to Choose Us

POC Essentials is your premier provider of
leading practices to win more evaluations.
  • Tested & Trusted

    Designed and tested for sales engineers by a sales engineer with a 30-year tenure working in leading SaaS enterprise organization. A proven and field-tested framework that improves your win rate.
  • Single Mission

    Our mission is to enable presales professionals to manage and navigate evaluations that get both a technical and sales win.

  • Evaluations Matter

    Evaluations are an essential element of winning business yet they can detract both focus and resources from other revenue activities.
  • Essential Focus

    Evaluations are important, but not often given the focus needed to win more business. Our framework guides teams with proven best practices to ensure evaluations are managed with the goal of getting both a technical and sales outcome.

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