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Cohorts are designed for presales professionals seeking skills to improve their presales practices, sales skills, collaboration and career focus and engagement.

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  • leading practices to become a world-class presales professional

    Presales Foundations

    This course outlines the leading practices of a world-class presales professional. Based on universal principles and practices, this course is applicable to presales professionals with any tenure.

    We consider the mindset (how we think) & practices (what we do) aspects of being a world-class sales engineer.
  • measure & improve career motivation and engagement 

    Motivations Assessment

    The Motivators Assessment provides insight into what motivates and drives your individual engagement.

    Students find that this insight allows them to sculpt their current role or search for a new job with the elements that drive their best engagement.
  • win more evaluations with less effort and risk

    POC Essentials

    This course reviews the leading practices which lead to winning more evaluations. We follow a four-step framework to qualify, document, execute and close a successful evaluation.

    This framework leads to improved technical & sales win rates with less effort and risk.
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