enabling the next generation of emerging presales professionals

Our focus is working with emerging sales engineers to support their journey to become a world-class presales professional.

Why Choose TGM Consulting Group?

We deliver training, coaching, consulting and assessments designed for presales professionals

25+ Years Experience

Our tenure and experience ensure we understand the skill of listening, assessing and then addressing your needs. We believe our tenure of working as a sales engineer is a core strength.

Personalized Approach

We are a niche services company focused on enabling presales professionals. We work with a limited client list to ensure we deliver on our customer's outcomes.

Growing Your Future

Our focus is on changing tomorrow. We believe the actions we take today determine what occurs tomorrow. We believe our mindset is as important as our practices.

Our Services

Focused services for leaders & presales professionals


To nurture world-class mindsets & practices


To build solution-based outcomes


To reduce process workflow risk, effort & cost


To fuel your leadership trajectory


To deliver individual & team insight

How We Engage

We like to keep it simple!
Ensure Fit

The best way to connect is to book a short meeting to determine if our services and skills fit your leadership objectives and goals.
Understand Outcomes

We take time to understand what your team requires from a training, coaching, consulting, or assessment perspective to grow healthy and resilient teams.
Plan the Work & Work the Plan

After our discovery session, we build a joint action plan to address your requirements and deliver your outcomes.

Why Work With Us?

Building resilience is essential to your success as a presales professional or leader.
Develop a World-Class Technical Sales Team

Reduce the time, effort and cost of developing your technical sales team (sales engineers, presales) skills, mindset and practices.

We offer industry-leading & certified technical sales training for individual contributors and managers.
Measure & Nurture Engagement

Do you know what motivates your team and drives or distracts their engagement? Do you know the diversity of your team from an engagement? Do you have playbooks for your critical presales sales motions?

We conduct assessments to deliver insight your team requires to work with purpose and achieve your sales objectives.
Manage Attrition & Career Development

Understand what drives team attrition with insight into who is engaged and motivated. Know how to sculpt the role and responsibilities of your high-value team members to optimize your team engagement.

The Motivations Assessment provides insight into individual and team engagement & motivation while delivering insight to sculpt their role for deep impact and contribution.

We offer a set of curated training modules for presales professionals to grow a healthy mindset and understand the benefits of implementing best practices.

We offer training designed for leaders and presales professionals. Review our course catalogue to choose a course to grow your team's leadership impact.

Want to Learn More?

Reach out to schedule a call or drop us a quick email
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