We simplify your systems and automate your work using no-code tools to cut your costs and give you hours back every month.

May reduce staffing requirements
What We Do

Three ways our process reduces time, risk, and cost for your business.

  • Update Your Systems
    We utilize modern and easy-to-use tools to replace legacy systems that are slow, clunky, and cost you money through a lack of efficiencies.

  • Automate Your Processes
    We automate laborious and repetitive tasks by utilizing automation tools and AI to give your team time back every week, so they can focus on work that brings value.
  • Consolidate Your Processes
    We consolidate processes into one tool where possible, making your team more efficient and massively cutting your system costs.
Why Work With Us?
  • Increase your Output
    We augment your team when required. We can work with you once, short, medium, or long-term as required. Our value is providing you with constant improvements to your systems, empowering your team to do more work in the same amount of time.
  • Cut your Costs
    By consolidating your systems, you reduce your system licenses into lower-priced, more effective tools. Then, with new, easy-to-use systems in place, your staffing requirements drop too.
  • Streamline your Processes
    Legacy systems add complexity, costs, and let's face it...stress. Simplify your systems with a small set of efficient tools, and reap the benefits of automation.
Getting Started
We make it easy to get you started to determine the right membership package to resolve your automation needs with these easy steps:

1) You complete the WHATS GOING ON? form
2) We review your submission and email you our ideas and thoughts
3) If you like what we propose then we book a free 20min meeting to connect and work out the details
4) Finally, you select the membership package and we get working for you.

It's that simple! There is no obligation and you can stop this process at any time you like.
Tell us what systems, processes, tasks, and issues you face. Be as detailed as you wish. We will review this and email you back with a summary response.
What tools do you use?
We don't limit ourselves to specific tools as we believe that every process has its own perfect tool for the job.

Through our own no-code community, we have relationships with over 500 no-code tools so we have a very good grasp of the tools available. We evaluate tools based on their functionality, scalability, and security and we look for ways to utilize tools for multiple functions, to reduce complexity and cost. Our most commonly used tools are Airtable, Zapier, Tilda, Softr and SmartSuite.
How do you work?
You have a dedicated specialist who works with you on an ongoing basis.

Think of them as your "tech person" who you can send the project over to. We start with an initial meeting to learn about your systems. We then create a plan for optimizing those systems. You approve any areas you would like your specialist to optimize and then we get started. You have an optional 1-hour session each week where you can work with your specialist on your projects directly. On top of that, we have a form where you can submit short projects for your specialist directly. Each week, you get a video review from your specialist giving you an update on the progress they have made that week.
Why wouldn't I just hire a Software Developer?
Great question!

The average salary of a software developer in Canada/USA is over $65K plus benefits. No-code tools are also much faster and cheaper to implement than traditional code, meaning we can achieve more in the same amount of time. Aside from that, you may not always have enough work to keep them busy at all times, so you're stuck paying for time you aren't able to utilize. With the monthly plan, you can pause and resume your subscription as often as you need to ensure you're only paying when you have work available for them.
Other Questions
Something we missed? Please reach out to us and we are glad to address your inquiry.
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