life is short so

love your work!

Love your work? Is that even possible?

We believe it's possible to love more of what and how you engage at work! Before resigning or "quietly quitting", consider the Motivators Assessment.

The Motivators Assessment provides insight into what truly

motivates your best workplace engagement.

How would improving the level of satisfaction on your team impact your sales objectives?  

"Those most satisfied with their work are 150% more likely to be happier overall in life."

Learn what motivates your team
Motivation can be measured and understood! With that insight, you can sculpt your career. Understanding how to sculpt your career allows you to grow engagement and experience deeper satisfaction in your workplace and career!

Join others who have discovered their unique motivators and improved their workplace engagement. Understand how you don't need to resign or quietly quit to love your work.

Learn how to grow your engagement and satisfaction.

Understand Your Motivation
Deliver Outcomes That Matter

Aligning your work with your personal motivators results in

Better Quality Work

Studies show that those who are passionate about their work pay greater attention to detail.

Greater Output

Those who do what they love, want to do more of it and results will follow.

Higher Incomes

Those who are happier in their work typically earn more.
Strengths and personality are important

Going Beyond Your Strengths

But motivation clarifies your engagement
Knowing your strengths is important, but motivation determines how you lean into your strengths. 
Many people are not motivated by what others perceive they are strong at. Motivators help to guide where you could further engage and contribute.
Motivation is more than a passionate speech or a call to action. Motivation is a quality & attribute of your unique self. The Motivation Assessment allows you to discover your unique self.
Learn about your motivators and how you can begin to sculpt your career.

Sculpt Your Career!

Before you "quiet quit" or join the "great resignation" take a moment to consider how gaining insight into your motivators allows you to sculpt your career. With the insight gained from the Motivators Assessment, you can better determine whether to stay or move into another role or organization.
  • For Individuals: Uncover your core Motivators and gain insight into what gets you excited at work regardless of your current role or position.
  • For Teams: Leverage the Motivators Team report, embrace motivational diversity across the team, and build unity and understanding.
  • SaaS Organization: Scale personal motivation across your entire organization to transform your culture. Spot trends and measure changes in Motivators.

The Motivators Assessment

Analytical-based insight to sculpt your career
  • Motivators & Identities

    In our research, we found 23 common core Motivators at work which we all share.

    These are all positive concepts. But the priority order for each person is vitally important.

    Using a factor analysis, our research team also discovered five clusters of Motivators that we call Identities.

    These are archetypes and each of us will inevitably tend to have stronger associations with some of these types over others.
  • The Science

    Over a period of 10 years with more than 1 million interviews, we compiled a list of Motivators that drive people in the workplace. This data was the foundation for the Motivators Assessment.

    The Motivators Assessment provides a ranking of 23 Motivators distributed across 5 Identities. Motivators are unique, fundamental drivers that all human beings share in common. The nuances in a person’s specific nature come not only in which specific Motivators are most important to him or her, but the particular order of priority from 1 to 23.
  • What's Included

    Your Motivation Assessment includes 100 scientifically validated questions in an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly, web-based assessment.

    It only takes only 20 minutes to complete. Once completed you receive a comprehensive 40-page detailed report with print-ready online profiles and social sharing tools.

    The assessment provides insight to show your blind spots - but more important how to manage them and much more.

Impacting Leading Brands

Thousands of the world's most productive organizations trust the Motivators Assessment
to help motivate their teams and employees, including
75% of the Fortune 500.

For a decade, the Motivators Assessment has helped employees, teams, and entire organizations assess what drives each person at work. The Motivators Assessment can be used for an individual or team to deliver insight on how to drive your engagement, motivation and collaboration for greater work and life satisfaction

Sculpt Your Career - You Have Options!

Continue on your path to discovering
greater job satisfaction, engagement, and fulfilment.
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