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POC Essentials

The POC Essentials cohort focuses on winning more
evaluations (proof of concepts) with less effort and risk.
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Designed for presales professionals seeking skills to improve how they manage evaluations.

Our goal is to help you win more opportunities.
In 2022 TGM Consulting Group was formed with a mission to provide & thought leadership to the presales/sales engineering community. Our services include training, consulting, coaching, and assessments.

Our focus this year, is to release a catalogue of cohort-based courses to support the presale community.
POC Essentials is designed for sales engineers by a sales engineer with over 25 years of experience.

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POC Essentials Course Overview

We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier

Leading Practices

The POC Essentials course covers the leading practices which lead to winning more evaluations. We outline a framework to address how we think and process an evaluation. This framework improves both the technical win-rate & the sales opportunity win-rate.

Four Milestones

Learn the four milestones of navigating a successful evaluation to ensure clarity, engagement, and success. Understand how to qualify, document, execute and close a proof of concept in a timely and story-based approach.


This course addresses common scenarios and issues that arise during evaluations. Completing this course provides the student with practical and actionable processes which lead to higher-quality evaluations.


Participants get access to usable templates and guides to use in your next customer evaluation.

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